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When I was little, I watched "Dr. Who." Later I liked "Star Trek." I always liked exploring the woods. The exploration bug still bites today.

About six years ago, I found a place in the woods near a walking path with a statue of a saint (Francis Assisi, I'm pretty sure; he has a bird in his hand) and a bench to sit on. Nice and quiet. I found it again recently (summer of 2007).  It's hard to meditate there during summer, though, because of mosquitos.

Sacred space is a concept that is growing on me. Another place sort of sacred to me is a church camp by a lake that I went to every summer for seven years straight. I want to go back...

One of my friends suggested a local park, which I may try someday. 

Often my drive to explore is channeled into the Internet, but I want to get back to physical exploration.


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